Why I Travel

By August 12, 2015Blog

Last week I had a captivating conversation about traveling. We chatted about our reasons for traveling and our expectations.

Most often, all we can manage is to take a short break from our crazy everyday life, looking for relaxation at a comfortable resort. The man I spoke with seemed to look for solitude and to redefine himself in an unknown surrounding, while I travel in order to observe the different life-styles of different cultures. When he asked me where I would like to go to the most, I answered Marrakesh without even thinking. It has been a dream destination for a long time because it is so very different from what I have experienced thus far. I would want to move with the flow in the streets, shop the Casbah, listen to local musicians and eat at original, un-touristic restaurants.

I love to get a feel for life in a world so different from my own (as much as that is possible as a guest). Prior to this conversation, I had never really thought about why I enjoy this way of traveling so much.
Something came full circle with this awareness, and now I recognize why I would love to design a restaurant, bistro or cafe! The goal would be to carry out a theme in its entirety: the food, the music, the interior down to the table setting, would be orchestrated to send the guests on a short trip. For me, it all comes down to living with all of your senses.

xo Martina

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