White Out!

By August 12, 2015Blog

Not that we are counting or anything, but we are 38 days away from spring. Yeah!

There is still a lot of snow all around us and most of us have had enough of the white stuff covering our towns by now. But what about an all white interior? Could you imagine living in a room, designed entirely in white? Most of us would agree that snow covered areas look beautiful. To me the snow creates visual peace. Like a soft, cushiony coverlet, dropped down on us which makes us see fewer components and ties things together. We can replicate the same peaceful and tranquil feel inside our homes.

The secret to making it feel warm rather than distant or cold is to add texture and to tame the white. While clean snow has that bluish light, interior whites should be tinted towards a taupe. Mixing in brownish grays will warm the whites and bringing in various textures will raise the coziness factor. In an all white room, aged materials look beautiful! The story they tell, adds personality and character. Keeping the place clean should not be a deterrent to opting for a white interior, today most materials are washable, including fabrics. Besides, little signs of usage add to the above mentioned character. One of the cool things about white interiors is that you can easily re-decorate by changing the accent color. Depending on mood and season, a different color of flowers, pillows, candles, pictures and other accessories can make the space look brand new.

Stay warm!

Picture found at cat-arzyna.tumblr.com.

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