Every project is different; however choosing the design services of Lemon Grass helps you breaking down a project into three stages:

Stage I: Explore the Possibilities

At our initial meeting we determine the scope of work. Depending on the project a survey and scaled floor plans of the existing layout would be drafted by Lemon Grass. Based on these drawings we develop your options, present them at our next meeting and discuss all possible solutions with you. If needed Lemon Grass prepares and applies for all required permits as well as we provide the builder/contractor with the structural drawings needed to complete the project.

Stage II: Fill with Life

After you chose your favorite layout we plan and design the future space down to the last details. To create the atmosphere you envisioned we introduce a selection of all needed material and components. Once you decided what to actually purchase, scaled and colored elevations will be drafted, giving you a very realistic view of the future space. We also assist you in finding the technical accessories/appliances to equip your new space with all the functionality you personally desire.

Stage III: Wrap up the Project

We supervise the project until after the punch list has been eliminated. We then decorate with you, finding and ordering accessories like: rugs, fabrics and window treatments, accent tables, paintings, mirrors and framing and…and…and all the components needed to make your new, highly functional space individual and beautiful.