February 2017

By May 10, 2017Blog, Uncategorized

Fashion is a way to express ourselves. It is style and it is design! A great inspiration these days is the new Bottega Veneta ad campaign with Lauren Hutton. She is 73 years old yet looks youthful and energetic; happy and content with where she is in life. It is all I want to bring across– now and when I hit her age. And look at the exciting colors: pinks, reds, rose-tones. They are vibrant yet tasteful. I always look for fashion or cosmetic ads to introduce new color combinations to clients. And the tag line/motto BV has been using lately: When your own initials are enough!!!!

Now who could disagree with that? Never think you are not enough! It certainly is a message for younger women, encouraging them to love themselves. xo Martina