April 2017

By May 10, 2017Blog

I love hospitality design! From a creative viewpoint, there is more freedom to design and decorate. After all, one occupies the space only for a limited time. A visit to a well decorated is like a short-trip to a different culture. Hotels can be just as inspiring. They can take a certain style or look to a whole new level! As said before: the guest does not have to live with it for long. These days design-lovers look to the Middle East for cool hotel design. My friend and travel expert Eric Hrubant of CIRE TRAVEL loves the aesthetics of Dubai. And of course, he is right to recommend this destination. The picture is of the Armani Hotel in Dubai. As with hi clothing, Armani dons sleek lines and reduces accessories. It is all about the big yet ultimately elegant gesture. I cannot imagine this look for a client’s living room. But how impressive is this space! What cool interior design! A stay here is surely unforgettable.