Katie, Montclair, NJ

I was so fortunate to have been introduced to Martina and Lemongrass Design by a friend. My family and I recently purchased a 100+year old Colonial, that is beautiful but we wanted to make it our own. Martina helped us create the Master Bedroom of our dreams. The process included construction, layout changes, built-in closests and shelving, and a complete bathroom redesign. Martina made the process seamless, striking the right balance between listening to our needs and pushing us to inspired design. I love every square inch of our MB Suite, the craftsmanship and design are exquisite. I will definitely be working with Martina and Lemongrass Design again in the future.

Eric Hrubant, Bloomfield, NJ

Martina and Lemon Grass designed a bathroom, kitchen and dining room update. These rooms turned our least favorite spaces into our favorites! Martina is not only a wonderful modern designer but was a great project manager. She kept the project moving along and kept an eye on things when we couldn’t. Our humble Bloomfield colonial house is now a beautiful space that we are proud of. Overall, we plan to use Martina and Lemon Grass for every home project both great and small for many years to come.

Laura, Montclair, NJ

Our renovations are finally complete and my sanity is in check thanks to Martina. She not only has a keen eye for design and decorating but also executed drawings for custom bookcases, our living room mantle and kitchen table. She was a joy to work with as we endured a stressful remodel. Martina is talented, committed and runs an integrity driven business. A rare combination!

Sprinfam, Ridgewood, NJ

We retained Lemon Grass Interior Architecture for a major renovation and restoration of our house. We encountered a lot of different people, but we were very pleased working with Martina from the very start.

We needed help decorating the original period part of our Victorian home to match its history, but we also needed help decorating the new part of our home which we wanted to feel quite different but still blend well overall. We are pleased to say how happy we were with Martina’s services. Lemon Grass really listened to what we were trying to accomplish, and Martina brought up many beautiful ideas that were alternatively highly practical or very innovative – Lemongrass helped make our renovation experience so much easier, and every day we look around and are so pleased with the results.

Suzette & Larry Unger, Montclair, NJ

Lemon Grass was amazing. Martina not only executed our vision but provided us with materials and designs we would have never thought of ourselves. Marina also worked well with our chosen contractor, coordinating his needs with the project design. Martina also hit a home run with color choice. She is very particular with colors and makes sure they work with the design. Finally, Martina listens to her clients. She successfully incorporated and expanded many of our ideas with her overall design plan.

Deyna Vesey, Montclair, NJ

Color! Color! Color! As a creative director, the quality of my space means so much to me. Martina’s understanding of color and design to convey mood is the best I have ever seen. She has helped me make my home both comfortable and exciting. I trust her completely; and I work with her whenever I can.
It is a better world because Martina is in it!

Caroline & Ed, Glen Ridge NJ

We hired Lemon Grass Interior Architecture to provide professional assistance to us during a recent home addition & renovation project. We had been in our home for over 8 years and knew what we wanted to do to enhance the layout and footprint of the first floor BUT we were paralyzed to take that first step. While considering the project and possibilities we met with a number of professional firms and individuals. Ultimately it was Martina at Lemon Grass who we connected with, who we hired and who helped us with every step. Along the way we were able to capitalize on Martina’s experience, knowledge and sense of style. She was able to help us see the forest through the trees and in the end we have a renovation which was: (a) without a hitch, (b) completed ahead of schedule & and on budget and (c) better then we could have ever imagined.

Chessie, 12 Years Old, about her ‘New’ Bedroom

I love my room! I love to hang out there! Its so cool and the colors really match my personality! Thay you for making my room spectacular Martin, I absolutely love it!

Ken Topping, New Living Room

I spent two nights this weekend laying on my new sofa staring at the fireplace. I absolutely LOVE what you have done w/ the living room. I know you are constantly concerned that I hate everything so this should be viewed as a good sign! Thanks again.

Jay & Julie Rossi, Addition with Kitchen and Family Room

Our experience working with Ms. Servos of Lemon Grass was truly an eye-opening (not to mention space-opening) experience. We had originally read about her on Baristanet after a somewhat exasperating search for a designer who could help us convert our vision for our old house without imposing his/her own design sensibilities on us. Most of the designers we met were more interested in listening to themselves speak rather than what we actually wished to achieve. Not Ms. Servos. Our first meetings were casual and upbeat, with Ms. Servos getting to know our individual tastes, likes, asnd dislikes, and asking us questions about our vision, how we live, the types of spaces and color palettes we were drawn to, etc. She did not thrust her own design template upon us; rather, from a series of pleasant conversations emerged ideas and magazine clippings which eventually lead to hand-drawn! Colorful renderings of potential design concepts. To make a long story short, what one architect told us – that older, more traditional homes in this area require more traditional renovation styles – was ultimately challenged by Ms. Servos, with fantastic results. She is truly a master of the ‘modern meets traditional’ niche and she helped us come up with a very comfortable space we look forward to using for many years to come.

Chrysa & Chuck Lawson, Glen Ridge, NJ New Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

Our experience with Martina (Servos, of LemonGrass Design) was uniquely rewarding. My husband and I started out with just a vague idea of how we wanted our new kitchen to look. With that, and continuing input from us, Martina was able to conceive a cohesive picture of our future kitchen. She shared that with us, and as a team, we worked together over the next few months to make this picture a reality. Martina was particularly skillfull at presenting us with a handful of samples of exquisite tiles, counter stones, and the like, and letting us decide which we preferred. We became confident in knowing that any material she selected would be tasteful, exciting, and would add an inspiring element to the kitchen. In addition, you learn quickly that Martina becomes seriously devoted to her projects and clients. She is always on your side (for instance, when it comes to dealing with contractors and suppliers); she makes sure she is around when anything significant is happening, to make sure things go as planned; and she will not hesitate to make everyone do things over again, if the work is not to her or your liking. We are very pleased with our kitchen-it is incredibly functional, and really quite beautiful. We also enjoyed working with Martina very much – it was more of an adventure than a task – and we hope to work with her again in the near future.

Regina Van Dyke, New Living Room

Martina, I have finished the accent wall and absolutely love it! I can’t thank you enough. Without your ideas and inspiration, my living room would never have come together; I have absolutely no doubt about it. Warm Regards, Regina.

Larry & Suzette Unger, Montclair

Hi Martina, I wanted to let you know how happy Suzette and I are with the kitchen/dining room project. Your design ideas were fantastic, especially in finding the flooring and backsplash-two of the most important elements of the job. Your eye in picking the perfect paint colors was essential to the success of the project. Your attention to small details was also impressive. I appreciated how well you worked with the contractor and how you could adapt design to function. Your vision in tying the kitchen to coordinate with the rest of the house and make everything flow seamlessly was great and your listening to our needs and wants was very important. Thank you for helping to create a truly unique, exciting and functional space for me and my family. All the best, Larry

Dr. Alan & Mary Ann Brewster, Passaic

Martina’s expertise transformed our office entry into a place of elegance and calm. No detail is overlooked with her meticulous eye, and her understanding of color is superb. She helped update our living room using what we already owned, but added a few tweaks that made the room feel modern and classic at the same time. She is pleasant and professional, accommodating all styles and budgets.

Spratley & Ric Kay, Glen Ridge, NJ

I have worked with Martina for the past several years. She really listens, and comes up with creative solutions that sometimes challenge, but end up delighting. And isn’t that what you want? I would wholeheartedly recommend Martina for any project. She pushes the envelope creatively, while being both practical and realistic. What more could a client want? I consult her on any decision I make in my house!